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get to know me kpop meme: 1 of 5 favourite boy bands; EXO

exo’s comeback and luhan’s birthday are just around the corner!! i’m so excited about both that i’m holding a giveaway!

initially i had slightly different giveaway plans but tumblr ruined them so i’ll just do it the traditional way


  • 3 winners! first winner gets both the m&k version of the comeback album, second winner get’s to pick one version and the third winner gets whichever version is left…you know the drill ^^
  • in case the albums come with posters those will obviously be included for all winners and shipped in tube cases and not folded
  • prizes will be shipped internationally so anyone can enter~
  • will include a handful of other things in the package, maybe some nature republic lip balms or standees? i’m open to suggestions!
  • giveaway ends on exo’s comeback show date a.k.a. 140415! 


  • reblog to enter
  • be considerate of your followers but otherwise there is no reblog limit
  • no giveaway blogs - i will check!
  • winners will be picked randomly
  • keep your ask box open! i will contact you through there
  • don’t have to follow me but it would be nice if you did
good luck to everyone! 


god bless yeye’s stylist on immortal song yo





The animation changes but the Disney magic stays the same



To think its 63 YEARS in between the two films is an amazing thing.


Trans: To be honest, the girl group that represents Korea, isn’t it Suju?